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Gut Health/Detox Ritual
Gut Health/Detox Ritual

Gut Health/Detox Ritual

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We know that conventionally farmed food, plastic, cosmetics and other modern creations out toxic load on our bodies and the earth. 

Enki Apothecary practices Vitalist herbalism, this means we utilize the vital force, the bodies innate intelligence and ability to heal itself. Especially when empowered by fantastic nutrition.

Through artisan extraction, we aim to give your body high levels of active compounds in a bio available way, so your body has the resources it needs to heal itself.

We then introduce specific formulas to direct the bodies intelligence in clearance certain systems and repairing specific tissues. See our Complete Skincare Repair Face Pack to support your detox from the outside in and start repairing damage caused by environmental/ dietary factors.




❀ The Enki Apothecary Detox Program Booklet

❀ Gut Repair Tea

❀ Heavy Metal/Lymph Moving Formula

❀ Detox Tonic 

Dragons blood extract to heal the GI tract wall.


Full Programs should run for 3 months at a maximum unless otherwise recommended. It is important to note that the information provided is for DETOX purposes only and not recommended as an ongoing lifestyle. This protocol is intended as health education only and not as a prescription, therapy or treatment.

The intention here is that you will use this information to heal YOURSELF.