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Ashwaganda "Dual-Extract" Tincture
Ashwaganda "Dual-Extract" Tincture

Ashwaganda "Dual-Extract" Tincture

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Available in 50ml (100 doses)

Withania Somnifera

Wild Harvested Ashwaganda grown in Hawaii. 30 Day Dual extraction (for broad spectrum) in Certified Organic Alcohol and Certified Organic Vegetable Glycerin. 

Ashwaganda is the King of Adaptogens. Large boost to energy and vital force, Calms cortisol (stress hormone) and balances adrenals. Thyroid & immune support, restores healthy sleep pattern and fights both insomnia & lethargy

BASE MENSTRUM / Certified Organic Spirits, Certified Organic Vegetable Glycerin
EXTRACTS / Wild Harvested Ashwaganda Root