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Clinical Herbalism

At Enki Organics we offer clinical herbalism with founder and Herbalist Jesse Leith in person at our Apothecary in Mullumbimby or over Skype.

We focus on holistic, vitalist herbalism and a balance between 3 major modalities, seeking the understanding and energetic patterning between all traditional medicine systems: 

Ayurvedic Medicine

TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine)

Alchemy (traditional European/greco-arab medicine)

Jesse's practice is focused around plant extraction and medicine making, so herbal formulas will be compounded (often from scratch) tailored to the individuals needs. These are often matched with dietary plans to bring the body into its optimal state of healing and ability to receive medicinal compounds from the medicines.

Herbal protocols are not designed symptomatically (allopathy) and instead are formulated to bring the body into balance and alignment so that the vital force and intelligence of the body can then use the nutrition provided to heal. This is a truly holistic model of vitalist herbalism.

Initial consults are $70 (1.5 hours)

Follow up consults are $60 (1 hour)


Jesse started his career as a herbalist at the age of 6, brewing decoctions of herbs from the front garden and prescribing them for all sorts of maladies that friends and family may have complained about. 

At the age of 12, this promptly stopped as all other things became much more important.

It wasn't until age 19 that he began to connect the dots of his passion, however after a negative experience of the allopathic nature of university during his Chinese medicine degree he fell away from healing again.

From this crossroads, Jesse went into the family business of winemaking. Due to a genetic proficiency with his palate and nose he became a successful Sommelier, tasting and importing wine from around the world.

This is where Jesse was introduced to distillation via the Gin industry, and started working with Gin producers on refining and improving recipes as well as producing his own experimental batches.

He had a vision to make gin with medicinal benefits!

Harvest time!

After 7 years in the wine industry Jesse identified some imbalances in his gut system and potential parasites picked up overseas. He left his job and a 2 year healing journey followed. He was re immersed with herbalism and traditional healing systems, initiated into the alchemical tradition.

From here he founded Enki Organics with an intention of delivering organic, healing products and a quality factor far beyond what was available on the market. Starting with skin care and then moving on to traditional herbal medicines, aromatherapy products, food and essential oil. 

Today Jesse has knowledge from deep studies into Herbalism, Alchemy, Chinese medicine and Ayurveda. Still exploring new teachings from the Plant Kingdom, always on the look out for healing qualities to add you Enki´s laboratory.



To book a consultation with Jesse you can send an email to, or give him a call on 0487 978 959.