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About: Enki Apothecary

Enki Organics started in 2017, borne out of founder Jesse Leith’s desire to make nutrient- dense and organic health products. He was tired of products using words like "natural" only to be full of chemical bases or poorly farmed material. Through his studies in herbal medicine he learnt about the power of botanicals and is committed to developing highly potent products.

We are a Beyond Organic, small-scale artisan enterprise growing, handcrafting & distilling therapeutic body-care, essential oils and herbal remedies & supplements. Our garden and distillery are in Mullumbimby and we produce using Biodynamic, Permaculture, Naturopathy & Alchemy principles. Our process is based on organic whole plant extraction, all solvent/chemical free and zero additives.

Being committed to an organic and sustainable future is at the heart of Enki Organics' philosophy. We farm our own/or source our ingredients from other local Australian farms with biodynamic/organic practises. We focus on artisan distillation to create bioavailable, herbal skin care with pure medicinal properties that benefit both our neighbour and Mother earth.

The distillation process is done by Jesse Leith in his apothecary in Wilsons Creek. Here we also create the product ingredient mixes, bottle them up, label the products, fold boxes and package it all. For our products we use biophotonic violet glass which we recycle under our buy back loyalty program. Our labels are ink free and printed on 100% recyclable paper. Our boxes are compostable/recyclable and made with natural dyes.

Enki Organics produce most our extracts and all of our products ourselves, if this isn't possible we use fair trade and certified organic producers elsewhere. Usually we outsource from local farms/suppliers that we know well. If we are involved with new farms/suppliers we make sure to stop by to check out both their garden and workspace conditions. Our business makes sure to always chose the most environmental friendly alternative. All our ingredients, bottles, packaging are all made by locals with local, natural and environmental friendly materials.

The journey ahead for Enki is the commitment to expanding in house extraction and manufacturing to empower other businesses and give access to true Australian made ingredients. This sector of the wellness industry is infant in Australia and is heavily reliant on overseas producers and exploitive industries, not to mention low quality production. We are also striding towards our own large scale education facility and biodynamic farm!