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About: The Enki Story

Enki Organics started in 2017, borne out of founder Jesse Leith’s desire to make nutrient- dense and organic health products, as they should be. He was tired of products using words like "natural" only to be full of chemical bases or poorly farmed material. Through his studies in herbal medicine he learnt about the power of botanicals and is committed to developing highly potent products.

Enki Organics currently offers 100% organic artisan skincare products, bioavailable herbal tinctures, distillates and extracts. Many of Enki's ingredients are grown on site or sourced locally.

In the future, Enki aims to establish a biodynamic farm to further develop essential oil and medicine production to further its Farm to Jar philosophy.


100% Certified Organic, Whole Plant Materials
We only use organic plant materials. Turn our labels over! There won’t be a chemical, number or polysyllabic word.

Beyond Organic
We don’t use chemicals - not even “naturally derived” ones. The plants we source are not just organic but often grown according to biodynamics principles that increases its nutrient density and medicinal complexity.

Biophotonically Preserved 
All of our products are bottled using violet spectrum Miron glass for maximum freshness and bio-stability.

Ever-growing From-scratch, In-House Production
We are constantly growing our botanical extraction capabilities.



Enki’s philosophy is rooted in universal herbalism - being open to and understanding philosophy across all herbal medicine modalities. The team at Enki is constantly researching and renewing their knowledge base to offer products of the highest quality made according to herbalism principles to deliver healing properties.

Enki’s purpose is to build a community that generates a paradigm shift in the way we understand the relationship between organic food, health and wellness. We do so through our products and information found via our various platforms.