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Enki Organics was founded in 2017 as the first step in Jesse's vision to help shift the paradigm in how we relate to plants and the quality of products we buy. There was a moment in the shower, reading the label on an "organic conditioner" and wondering how they managed to create a lotion without using chemicals. He quickly learnt that they didn't manage it. That in fact the whole organic system was corrupt. As a herbalist, he saw an opportunity to fill a gap in the market for educated consumers of health products with a discerning eye. Consumers who knew how to look for the best, and, like him, wouldn't settle for less than.

Jesse began his career studying Chinese Medicine. Disillusioned by the allopathic and institutionalized nature of the "alternative medicine" industry, he left and followed his family footsteps as a sommelier (wine master) and amateur distiller. After facing a health crisis in 2016, Jesse found true healing as he turned back to "alternative" medicine where the heart of true western medicine was revealed to him through Alchemy. He dabbled again in Australian education before finding a master herbalist to study with in Northern NSW, and alchemical masters overseas with whom he could be mentored.

Enki began with an emulsifier & preservative free, 100% whole plant organic ingredient skin care line using wild crafted essential oils distilled by Jesse. It was totally unique in the market and there is still no commercially available skin care product on the market that comes close to this level of artisan quality.

Jesse's career as a sommelier allowed him a diverse knowledge of soil types, regionality and farming practices. Enki combines this knowledge with an educated palate which was used to ascertain quality and potency via taste to grow, harvest & source only the best herbs and mushrooms available. Enki's herbs and mushrooms are 80% Australian and over 50% grown in-house. The only countries Enki imports from are Northern Canada and remote pristine Russia, as opposed to the majority of the industry who use Chinese ingredients and even Chinese manufacture.

In 2019, the Tonic herb range was released, and the medicinal mushrooms were added in 2020. The same philosophy was observed, and production techniques were, and are, continuously refined to ensure high potency spagyric extracts. Enki needed to stand apart from the medicinal mushroom and tonic herb industry and did so by obsessively pursuing a commitment to high end quality & maximum potency. The Enki team are trained in spagyric practices, the ancient and complex art of extracting plants at maximum complexity and potency whilst observing spirit and consciousness. Spagyrics was a discipline coined by Paracelsus, a famous alchemist and the father of modern chemistry.

In 2020 Alexandra joined the team. A spagyric herbalist, qualified nurse and accomplished distiller. Alex's hands now tend to the production, nurturing our extracts during their alchemical process. Alex also channels the Enki Apothecary spirit, represented through her botanical drawings and design work.

Jesse and Alex were joined in 2021 by Taylor (bach occupational therapy - honours) an accomplished medical researcher and business manager. Taylor ensures the grounded flow of our business and assists as a formulator creating technically compounded products like our "2022: Defence" range.

Now, Enki focuses on the ever widening job of increasing the quality and potency of their products. From better sourcing, farming practices & forest stewardry, to securing and designing advanced lab equipment. The deepening study of spagyric extraction, alchemy and working with enhanced energetic tools to embody the esoteric nature of alchemical science into the products they produce. Enki produces custom blends, white label product ranges and supports local communities with bespoke herbal medicines.

Our herbs are organic and Australian grown by intentional herbalists. Unlike other herbal brands, which commonly use internationally shipped or powdered form herbs.

Powdered forms unfortunately reduce medicinal potency, as the active constituents are lost due to the powdering process. When shipped internationally the herbs are subject to intense heat and light exposure, which lowers the medicinal content within the plants again. There is also a high chance of the herbs being irradiated - bathed in radiation during transit, which completely destroys the medicinal value and life force of the plant.

You can be sure that our products have been treated with the utmost care from garden to glass, extracted-in-house through high quality intentional alchemical processes.

Our honourable herbal extracts are bio-photonically preserved in Miron glass - which not only reduces exposure to specific light spectrums, but increases medicinal potency over time. Miron was used by the Egyptians to preserve the life force of medicinal plants. This ensures the maximal protection upon leaving the lab, keeping the medicine safe from our apothecary to yours.

From garden to glass, all of our products are grown biodynamically or wild harvested and hand picked by our Herbalists, guaranteeing you the highest quality possible products.

With zero chemicals and toxic solvents, we present a unique level of quality and attention to detail when it comes essential oils, skin care and medicinals.

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