What are hydrosols?

Before you have the ability to make the right choice, you must get educated! As a conscious creature, and in common with Nature, we have a beautiful and complex evolving intellect. The word intelligence comes from the latin word inter legere, and it means “to choose”. Being aware of your choices nurtures your intellect, so let's spread the knowledge! 

In this post want to talk a bit about hydrosols, and why we believe they are the best cleansing and toning product for the skin. We’ll share some knowledge and thoughts on different chemicals often used in skin care all over the world. Instead of using cleansers & toners full of alcohols, synthetics and emulsifiers, we use organic/biodynamic hydrosols to purify the face. Our Seasonal Hydrosol are simply botanically infused water made with plants that gives care to your skin. Why is this important to us.. Let us tell you why! 


In a lot of skin care & creams you find lots of different synthetics and emulsifiers, and the reason why these are added are usually to create a creamy-like consistence, bind water- and oil-materials together, add a specific scent/smell/colour or to preserve the products for a longer life. So why is this bad for your skin? 

It's been shown that a lot of chemical emulsifiers actually dry out your skin and makes it more permeable and vulnerable to toxins, liquids and gasses. Walking around on this planet your skin is exposed to this daily, by being surrounded by cars, dust and pollution. It's so important to strengthen your natural protectional layer, rather than decreasing it! Being a soap-based substance emulsifiers are left behind after the skin has absorbed all the nursing oils and water. This leaves a soapy layer disturbing your skins natural protective production, causing your skin to dry out and age faster.

Now over to alcohol and preservatives. This is used to give the product a light feel, quick-drying finish and for long lasting preservation, as well as you right away can see a “firming & glowing” result. These are short term benefits with long term damaging effects. As it causes dryness, erosion of the surface of the skin and damages your natural layer of oils/fats, alcohol on your skin actually cause irritation, breakouts and weakens the way your skin replenishes, renews and rejuvenates itself. It also makes your skin struggle to absorb moisture, which really just makes your skin need even more cream! 

Obviously, we don’t want any synthetic ingredients in our skin care, as it is just not natural for your skin or meant to be in your life at all. As parabens, perfume, sulfates and petrochemicals are mixed into your products to create artificial scents, textures, colours and more, most of these also irritates, damage your natural protective layer and can even cause allergies, rashes and serious skin disease! 

Our Seasonal Hydrosols are made with the water we use in the steam-distillation process, when were extracting essential oils from organic biodynamic plants. This is infused water, containing a tiny amount of essential oil and water-soluble therapeutic properties of the plant that won’t be in the essential oil. The infused water and the essential oils are separated in the distillation process, but still works best together on the skin! To preserve the product we simply use violet miron glass that only lets violet, ultra-violet and infra-red light to pass through. This way the bottle helps to block all light that is damaging to the product, and only lets in the light that are beneficial for the ingredients - actually making the compounds better and more potent over time. Bacterias dies as they are not able to live without the regular light rays, and the product stays fresh. 

Spray some hydrosol on your face before using products made of natural essential oils and plant extracts, and your skin will heal and thrive! We absolutely believe this is the way your skin care products should look, be used and consist of. By using products that does not consist water and oil in the same product, but separating them into two products (hydrosols and face oils/serums) you don’t need emulsifiers or chemicals to combine them or force the to work together. When nature has it's way they are simply not made to work together as liquids, but separate until it's applied to an absorbing surface. 

PS: Creams are really just hydrosol (if you're lucky) and essential oil (oil serums) mixed together with chemicals, emulsifiers and preservatives. So we have simply dropped all the shitty stuff, and are left with fresh hydrosol water and our natural serums full of different plant-oils! Zero additives, chemical free, vegan, bioavailable and organic.

Have a great evening wherever you are! This was a long but important one. 

Xx Enki

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  • This was fascinating. I just purchased this product today. Plus want to get more involved with all your other products.!!


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