What are adaptogen herbs?

Adaptogens are herbs that reduce stress and its damaging effects on the body, and increase production of natural and healthy energy!

In todays society of expectations, full schedules and places to be, everybody could need a adaptogen herb to get balanced. A lot of people we meet, that are on their plant path, are looking for herbs to help them through everyday life, and our answer is always one of our adaptogens. Being suitable for most constitutions they're easy to recommend to anybody.

Our Herbal Tinctures; Ashwaganda and Shatavari, are our King and Queen of adaptogens. Ashwaganda being a potent male adaptogen having numerous of helpful qualities to its name. In addition to decreasing stress and increasing energy, Ashwaganda is famous for its “horselike” smell initiating that it gives you the stamina of a horse, Ashwaganda is also testosterone boosting, anxiety relieving and memory supportive. 

Shatavari on the other hand, is our Queen of adaptogens, meaning it’s a great herb for females. This is because it boosts oestrogen production in the body, as well as it’s hormone balancing helping women with irregular and painful periods, fertility and quality of breast milk. As an adaptogen herb Shatavari also works as an anti-stress and energy boost, as well as it is a good anxiety relief. By reducing the effects stress has on the body it also prevents your body for ageing prematurely. This phenomenal plant can also offer qualities like rejuvenating, nerve calming and immune. 

Both adaptogens are great for increasing Ojas in the body, which makes it good for increasing life force, vitality and prana. Being traditional Indian herbs used in Ayurvedic medicine, they speak the language of holistic healing. Ojas being the essence of all the bodily tissues, and being related to our immunity and vitality, Ojas are know for being the “Fountain of Youth”. It's what’s keeps you staying healthy and strong by having a healing effect on the body as a whole!

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